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Coping with Coronavirus and Chronic Pain

COVID-19 Update: We remain open, providing our continued high-quality care. However, please call us ahead of upcoming appointments if you have traveled outside your state of residence and are experiencing fever, cough, or breathing difficulties. For your safety, patients may only be accompanied by one guest in the waiting room effective immediately. At the Center…

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Alternatives to Repeat Back Surgery

Making the choice to undergo back surgery is a big decision. Any spinal surgery has some level of risk – and usually, an extended recovery time. Of course, some people with disabling back pain can accept the risks of back surgery, if they think it will alleviate their pain. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee after…

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Prioritizing People Over Pain

The sensation of pain is often the result of multiple factors, including physical, mental, and environmental ones. That’s why pain management doctors focus on “whole-person” medicine and improving a patient’s overall health instead of just managing their symptoms.  By treating the whole person, a doctor can help patients understand how their mindset and mental health…

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Botox for Migraines

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, as many as 12% of people experience migraine headaches. Considered the third most prevalent illness in the world and the sixth most disabling, migraines can leave people bedridden for days at a time. Conventional treatment for migraines may include prescription and over-the-counter medications, physical therapy (to improve posture and…

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Why Numeric ‘Pain Scales’ Fall Short

If you’ve ever been to the hospital or a doctor’s office, you’ve almost certainly been asked: “What’s your current pain level on a scale of 0 to 10?” Or maybe you’ve been asked to rate your pain on a visual scale by pointing to the smiley (or frowny) face that best describes your pain. These…

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Treating Pain in Women

Do doctors take women’s pain less seriously than men’s pain? Unfortunately, research indicates this is true in many instances. Perhaps you’ve had your own experience with this before: a doctor who’s misdiagnosed you, dismissed your pain as being “in your head,” or provided you with pain medication far too late in your treatment – or…

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