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Acute Pain vs Chronic Pain

What’s the Difference Between Acute Pain and Chronic Pain? Although there are important differences between acute and chronic pain, they are both treatable with individualized advanced pain management services. Want to learn more about acute pain vs chronic pain? Our pain management doctors in Indianapolis weigh in.  What is Acute Pain?  Acute pain is considered…

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Chronic Pain and Mental Health: Addressing the Connections

Chronic pain is more than the pain you feel bodily. It affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You can’t stop at addressing only the physical limitations it may place on you because that will not treat everything that is impacting your quality of life. That is why September has been designated as Pain Awareness Month….

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Ice or Heat: How to Choose

When you’re in pain, it’s understandable to want quick relief, especially if your discomfort impairs your ability to relax or sleep. Will ice or heat do the trick? And if so, which one is best? Our board-certified physicians and pain management specialists weigh in on the classic ice vs heat debate. Ice or Heat: Which…

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Chiropractor vs Physical Therapy: How to Choose

Have you been thinking about getting professional help for an acute or chronic pain condition? As you research your options, you might find yourself wondering what the difference is between a chiropractor vs physical therapy provider. In this article, we highlight some similarities and differences between a chiropractor vs physical therapist and give you the…

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Celebrities Who Cope with Chronic Pain

Those who suffer from chronic pain understand that it means living with more than the pain. There are psychological burdens that come with ongoing suffering. It is tempting to feel like you are alone, and it takes a lot of courage to confront your pain and not let it overcome every aspect of your life. …

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American Pain Consortium Management Announces Newly Appointed Chief Financial Officer

American Pain Consortium Management (APCM), the parent organization for Center for Pain Management, has the pleasure of announcing that Jason Pritchard has been appointed APCM Chief Financial Officer. Learn more about Mr. Pritchard and his extensive experience in the official press release. 

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