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American Pain Consortium Holdings Announces Appointment of New President

American Pain Consortium Holdings (APCH), Center for Pain Management’s parent organization, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Hayes as APCH President. Read more about the appointment in the official press release.

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5 Reasons Your Doctor Might Reduce Your Medication

When you have chronic pain, finding effective relief can sometimes feel like a lost cause. For many people, pain medication may seem like the only hope. But many others are left wondering: do these pills even help? At the Center for Pain Management, we believe the best approach to effective pain management includes individualized and…

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What to Expect From a Pain Management Clinic

When a patient writes a negative online review for a pain management clinic, that usually means that their appointment wasn’t what they expected. This disconnect between patient expectations and experiences has for years been a topic of discussion among pain management providers. In an effort to solve this problem, clinic leaders have been trying to…

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Press Release

Integrated Pain Solutions (IPS) is pleased to announce a new partnership with American Pain Consortium Holdings (APCH). APCH recently acquired the IPS-affiliated Gemini Surgery Center and will be providing management services for IPS. Read more about the agreement in the official press release.

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Meet the Top Indiana Pain Doctors

We’ve been known as the top Indiana pain doctors for over 20 years because our medical practice exclusively focuses on diagnosing and treating a vast array of serious pain conditions. From acute pain caused by accidents or injuries to chronic pain caused by hereditary diseases, degenerative conditions, and even cancer – our medical team has…

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Get Neck Pain Relief

Have you been searching for neck pain relief? The team of board certified physicians and psychologists, licensed nurses and certified physical therapists at the Center for Pain Management has been providing the most advanced medical treatment options for acute and chronic neck pain since 1992. We have the experience to offer you neck pain relief…

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