Why Do Pain Management Groups Use a Biopsychosocial Approach?

At Center for Pain Management, our Indiana pain specialists help our patients get in control of their pain by using a comprehensive and holistic approach that’s backed by science and real-world experience. We believe that no pain management program would be complete without addressing a person’s unique psychological needs as well as their physical needs, which is why we proudly utilize the biopsychosocial approach in our care. 

Read on to learn more about how combining pain management treatment with psychological services can help you or your loved one achieve optimal results. 

What Does Biopsychosocial Mean?

The term “biopsychosocial” refers to an interdisciplinary model of health care that aims to understand human health and illness within the greater context of a person’s life. Our pain management group sees pain as something that affects—and is affected by—not only a person’s body, but also their emotions, thoughts, actions, relationships, and environment. By understanding and addressing as many of these factors as possible, our patients are able to experience longer-lasting and more meaningful pain relief. 

Digging into the word a bit more, we can see that biopsychosocial refers to:

  • “Bio”: treating the physical body itself through a variety of treatments, including pain pumps, spinal cord stimulators, steroid injections, and physical therapy
  • “Psycho”: exploring how a patient’s beliefs, perspectives, and mindset influence their pain, and incorporating a patient’s mental health needs into their treatment plan
  • “Social”: exploring how a patient’s relationships and environment influence their pain and mindset

Incorporating Body and Mind in Pain Management

Acknowledging that a person’s thoughts influence their pain does not suggest that pain is “all in their head.” Acute and chronic pain are very real, complex, and challenging realities. But the beauty of a biopsychosocial approach to pain management is that our providers can enhance the positive effects of physical treatments by supporting each patient’s psychological well-being, which we know has a dramatic impact on the pain experience.

As experts in comprehensive pain management, our team is also connected to a wide range of mental health providers in the area. We are happy to refer our patients to other specialists as needed, especially when patients are experiencing specialized mental health issues including post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, eating disorders, developmental disorders, and more.

Heal Your Body And Mind With Help From Our Indiana Pain Management Group

If you’ve been struggling to find meaningful pain relief and are ready to see how a biopsychosocial approach to your healing can help, contact the Center for Pain Management today at (317)-706-7246 to schedule an appointment with an Indiana pain management specialist at one of our four convenient locations.



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