Leg and Foot Pain

Leg and foot pain may have many causes, such as injury, muscle weakness, postural abnormalities, and arthritis. A less obvious but common cause of pain in the leg and foot is compression of the sciatic nerve

When a protruding disc in the lower back puts pressure on the sciatic nerve root, pain signals may travel down the nerve all the way to the toes. Sciatic nerve pain may be mild to severe, with accompanying numbness and inflammation. 

Center for Pain Management has a full range of diagnostic and imaging services that enable us to accurately diagnose the causes of foot and leg pain. If you’re in need of leg pain treatment or foot pain relief in Indianapolis, please contact us to request a consultation: (317) 706-7246.

Leg and Foot Pain Causes

Of the many reasons for foot and leg pain, some of the most common are: 

  • Acute injuries, such as sprains and strains
  • Scar tissue from a previous injury
  • Muscle atrophy/underuse
  • Certain illnesses, such as diabetes and fibromyalgia

Most causes of leg and foot pain can be treated successfully without surgery.

Treatment for Lower Limb Pain

Center for Pain Management has several treatment options for foot pain relief and leg pain. We may recommend infusion therapy, nerve blocks, and physical therapy, along with medication.

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