Nonsurgical Pain Relief Treatment

At Center for Pain Management, we are committed to ongoing research into the latest pain treatment technology. That led us to the SPRINT System, a system that provides peripheral nerve stimulation. This stimulation can lead to fast pain relief and could have long-lasting effects on your nerve pain levels. 

The SPRINT System does not require surgery for implantation and will be implanted for a maximum of 60 days. It may alleviate chronic nerve pain originating in multiple regions, including your back and knees. Watch the video below to learn more and hear an actual patient describe how it impacted their quality of life. 

Learn How It Works

The SPRINT System is a minimally invasive, neurostimulation treatment that may offer pain relief to people who have been suffering with chronic pain in their back, shoulders, knees or are experiencing other nerve-related pain.This breakthrough, restorative treatment targets select nerves to reduce the pain you have lived with for far too long.

With a short-term treatment of 60 days the SPRINT System is an innovative option to treat your chronic pain, potentially avoiding the need for opioids, other pain medications or a permanent implant.

With the SPRINT System, a tiny MicroLead™ not much larger than the size of a hair, is placed to stimulate the targeted nerve. A small device sends gentle pulses through the MicroLead to stimulate the nerve. A simple handheld remote allows you to control the simulation level to find a setting that works best for you. After 60 days, the MicroLead is removed, and treatment is complete. A majority of patients have seen sustained pain relief following the treatment across multiple clinical studies.

The SPRINT System is covered by Medicare. Many private insurance companies also provide coverage following prior authorization. The company that manufactures the SPRINT system has a program called SPRcare™ that offers support for obtaining commercial insurance coverage and can, with your permission, assist you in determining your insurance coverage and obtaining necessary approvals.