We have a brand-new MRI scanner.

Your IndyPain Team

A full-service pain management clinic requires teamwork – doctors, staff, and management, all working together to make sure patients receive the highest standard of care. Center for Pain Management is composed of a team of talented and dedicated individuals whose mission is to help people find relief for severe pain.

Our Physicians 

Our board-certified physicians bring a wide range of experience to our practice. Their expertise is always evolving, as they actively seek out new methodologies and treatments that could help our patients. 

Dr. Edward Kowlowitz

Dr. Jocelyn Bush

Dr. John Fitzgerald

Dr. David Gordon

Dr. Scott Kim

Our Staff

Our clinical staff plays an important role in fostering long-term relationships with our patients. Staff members are attentive, respectful, and leaders in their profession. They work closely with each patient’s physician to ensure treatment plans are tailored to each patients’ needs.

The MRI and radiology team has a combined 40 years of experience. Whether you’re a patient at our clinic or your physician refers you for an MRI at Center for Pain Management, you can count on professional and compassionate treatment.

Our Executive Team

Our executive team anticipates how the practice can best serve patients, whether that means expanding our facilities or investing in new diagnostic equipment. They focus on providing the best possible environment for our patients, our staff, and our physicians.