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Center for Pain Management is a leading provider of Indianapolis pain management solutions for patients with failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, and other chronic conditions. At our pain management clinics in Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Lafayette, we also treat patients with acute injuries, such as severe sprains and strains.

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We treat a variety of conditions at our practice. Many patients we see have chronic pain conditions resulting from a previous injury or surgery, such as:

  • Post laminectomy syndrome/failed back syndrome surgery
  • Scar tissue buildup
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)/reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Muscle loss/weakness/lack of mobility

The versatility of our treatment strategy enables us to help patients with varying degrees of pain and/or immobility feel better.


When medication has no effect on chronic, severe pain, we may recommend a nerve stimulator implant – a breakthrough technology in managing pain. The procedure to place this device under skin takes about an hour, and it begins working immediately, interfering with the nerves’ ability to deliver pain signals to the brain. While this procedure may not completely eliminate pain, most patients find it lessens their pain considerably.


Severe and ongoing pain can cause several other conditions, such as depression, nutritional deficiencies, muscle loss, bone loss, and postural defects. Our team develops a personalized treatment plan with the goal of alleviating pain and helping patients overcome any other health issues that could impede recovery. Read more on our blog about why numeric pain scales fall short, and how the Center for Pain Management takes a different approach.

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Whether you have a recent injury and acute pain, or you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for some time, Center for Pain Management in Indianapolis has solutions. 

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