Pain Medication Management

Responsible Prescribing for Chronic Pain

Pain management clinics that prescribe opioids must ensure that their patients understand the risks of using these medications. That’s why Center for Pain Management in Indianapolis requires patients who are taking prescription opioids to comply with the terms of our Opioid Agreement. 

Opioid medications are not appropriate for all patients, and they may be ineffective in treating certain types of pain. During our intake process, we ask a lot of questions about personal history, previous medication usage, and overall health, so we can determine whether pain medications should be part of a patient’s treatment plan. 

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About Pain Medication Management

Opioids have a high potential for addiction, so the federal government has strict guidelines about opioid prescriptions and dosages. To ensure compliance with federal and state laws, we require patients to report to the clinic periodically for drug testing. We want to be sure patients are using their medication as directed and are continuing to benefit from it.

What to Expect

If you should receive a prescription opioid, we will require you to follow all aspects of your treatment plan, such as maintaining your physical therapy appointments and reporting for regular follow-up visits. Non-compliance with our Opiate Agreement may result in termination of the doctor-patient relationship. 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

We understand that many people who have chronic pain are afraid to ask for medication, even though they need it. Pain management is our specialty, which means we are accustomed to prescribing opioids when we determine they are medically necessary. We also offer several alternatives to oral medications that may be more effective in treating chronic pain.

If you’re experiencing persisten pain, please contact us to schedule a consultation: (317) 706-7246.

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