What to Expect from an MRI

Are you feeling fearful about an upcoming MRI appointment? Have you had a bad experience with an MRI scan? We understand – and we want you to know we’ve designed our Indianapolis MRI suite with patient comfort in mind.

Here’s what you can expect when you have an MRI at Center for Pain Management:

A quiet waiting room

When you’re feeling anxious, being in a crowded and noisy waiting room won’t help you relax. At our Indianapolis MRI suite, we have a separate waiting area with soft lighting. (We don’t schedule appointments back-to-back, so our waiting area is never crowded).

We won’t rush you

As a standard procedure, we ask all patients to wear a medical gown for their MRI scan – and we allow you plenty of time to change clothes in a private dressing room. You can store your clothing and belongings in a secure locker during your scan.

Shorter scan times

We know that when you’re in pain, lying still for an MRI scan can be difficult, and we considered that when choosing our new scanner – it produces high-quality images in about half the time as our previous scanner.

Less confinement

Our MRI scanner has a larger interior opening, which helps diminish feelings of claustrophobia. The scanner is also shorter in length and open at both ends. That means that if we aren’t scanning any part of your body above the shoulders, your head will be outside the machine.

Availability of music

Relax with your favorite music! The MRI Patient Audio System can play regular radio and internet radio stations, and it’s compatible with Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and other audio apps (we’ll provide the headphones).